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“I am a waiting writer. That’s not to say that I’m waiting to write; that’s not to say anything about writing at all. That’s only to say, I’m waiting and I’m writing. In fact, I’m writing furiously, as though there were no five-year plan. As though there were not five years.
As though I won’t be there or here at all.”

This website celebrates the achievement of Vicki Joseph (1955-2009).

Into her relatively short life Vicki, a lifelong resident of Western Massachusetts, packed multiple careers. She was a librarian (as well as puppeteer and storyteller); then a criminal defense attorney in private practice; then a professor in paralegal studies at Elms College, Chicopee; and eventually Associate Academic Dean for Continuing Education at the same College – the friend, colleague, teacher, mentor, and inspiration to countless of its members, and far beyond.

She was also a passionate advocate in the search for a cure to the genetic disease with which she was born, Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency; and, as the recipient of a double lung transplant in 2006, she was a fervent supporter of organ transplantation.

But perhaps most importantly, Vicki was a writer: of drama, prose fiction, essays and verse. Almost all of her writing that has survived dates from the last few years of her life - some of the most significant at the time of the end-stage of her disease in 2006, before the transplant - and none of it has been published in print.

This website presents her unfinished legacy: her plays and stories, novels begun but never completed, autobiographical fragments, reflections on life and living with her illness, plus a small amount of poetry. We hope that you enjoy reading her work, and will consider donating to the Alpha-1 Foundation, which exists to support research into a cure.

On August 2, 2012, the third anniversary of Vicki's death, a commemorative plaque "in memory of playwright Victoria T. Joseph" was installed on one of the seats in the South Camden Theatre Company's new Waterfront South Theatre at the intersection of Fourth and Jasper Streets, Camden, NJ. The SCTC included Vicki's short play "Objection" in its season "And Justice For All", premiered at its previous temporary premises, a local church hall, in April 2009. This was the first professional production of any of Vicki's plays. The plaque was sponsored by Tom Juarez (who directed "Objection" and played the Attorney in the production) and David J Brown.

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